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Horseradish like you’ve never seen before! We now bring you a range of Horseradish products that will be the center point of your sumptuous meals! Our products include horseradish rubbed and horseradish with vegetables and fruit. As per your requirement, the horseradish can be delivered in glass containers, mugs or pails.

A perennial plant, the horseradish has a variety of uses and it is best known for its pungent sharp taste. You will find this plant growing almost everywhere and there are a lot of recipes that use horseradish very innovatively. Did you know that the horseradish plant grows almost 5 feet tall? The part used mainly for eating is the white tapered horseradish root.

An unbroken horseradish root is odor free but when the horseradish is cut or scraped, it sends out a pungent odor and it has a hot and sweet biting taste. The properties of the horseradish root are on the same lines as that of black mustard seed.

The term horse radish or prepared is used to describe grated horseradish root when mixed with vinegar. While it does keep for long periods in the refrigerator, it is best used immediately, as horseradish root tends to darken and lose its pungent taste. Horse radish can be converted to a horseradish sauce which is generally used for cocktails like the Bloody Mary.

Horseradish sauce can be used for meats, like chicken and fish. Horseradish sauce can be spread on bread for yummy sandwiches. In some fast food outlets, horseradish sauce is kept on the table along with mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise. Preparation of the horseradish sauce includes the horseradish root blended with cream. This horseradish sauce can be used with roast beef also.

While the horse radish is not a very popular vegetable, it does have its place in the culinary world. Innovative cooks like to experiment with the pungent flavor of the horse radish and they like to come up with new dishes. We also have put our creative heads together and come up with some really innovative combinations where the humble horseradish root is given a key role in the preparation of the recipe.

Horseradish root can be used in quite a few ways and we have used it to create tasty recipes with horseradish in combination with carrots, apples, redturnip and even oranges, pineapple and cranberry to name a few. Our finished horseradish in glass is a culinary delight.

Come have a look at our horseradish recipes today. Allow the horse radish to take your taste buds on a culinary journey with a slight difference. Our horseradish products will speak for themselves! We take individual as well as bulk orders from restaurants, shops and hotels. We cater to private clients as well as commercial food industry. Order Now!

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