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The Horse radish is a vegetable made glamorous by us. We have a range of horseradish products that will tickle your taste buds like none other. We have very innovative combinations where we use horseradish with fruits and vegetables. Try our horseradish rubbed or even plain. Make the humble horseradish the piece-de- resistance of your meal. We guarantee compliments!

What’s Horseradish?

By itself, the horseradish is rich in nutrients like calcium, phosphorous, potassium, and magnesium. A fresh horseradish root will have about 100g of vitamin C. This plant grows tall at almost five feet and it is characterized by its long white tapering root. The horseradish is also used to help with problems like sinus and coughs, bronchitis and even urinary tract infections. It has some diuretic properties too.

Why Us?

We have the horseradish available for you in mugs, pails and glass containers. We will deliver what you need and in whichever way you need it. If you are part of a restaurant then come to us for your bulk orders. We do orders for individuals and hotels. Our clientele ranges from the private to the commercial industry and we supply quality horseradish every time.

So if you have horseradish on your menu then we have horseradish ready to be delivered to you fresh and in new interesting varieties. Allow our horseradish products to add that little extra something to your cooking.

Order Today and enjoy our fresh product and all its wonderful varieties!!

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Horseradish products:

Horseradish in glass, mugs or pails
with apple
cream horeseradish
with orange
and other vegetables and fruit.

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